5 Reasons to Redesign Your WordPress Site

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Redesigning your website can be a game changer. With a new design and fresh content, you can drive traffic to your site and encourage existing customers to re-engage. Building a new website requires resources, so this isn’t a decision to make on a whim. While the average lifespan of a website is somewhere between 3 and 7 years, time is not the only factor to consider.

Let’s explore five ways to determine if a WordPress redesign is in the cards for your business.

1. Your website is slow and difficult to navigate.

Web trends change all the time. It’s not practical to update your WordPress site with every new wave of trends. That said, your site shouldn’t look and feel outdated. One way that websites show their age is when they are slow and hard to navigate. A redesign will organize content, streamline navigation and incorporate clear, concise calls to action.

2. Your website no longer represents your brand and values.

Your brand has probably evolved over the years, so your website may no longer drive the right leads and produce the best results. An updated website sends a powerful message that your company is thriving and ready to take on new challenges. Be sure to include modern design elements to create a memorable impression.

3. Your marketing efforts need to be refreshed.

The best websites are streamlined but manage to include the components of a successful digital marketing plan. As you review your website, look for these features: 

  • Blog or news tab for content marketing
  • Conversion-focused product pages
  • Social media integration
  • Keyword optimization
  • SEO-friendly URL structures
  • Landing pages for paid ads

4. Your website is not mobile friendly. 

Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than others. If your site isn’t easy to use on mobile devices, Google will penalize you. Changes to the algorithm were made in 2015 and 2016, incentivizing web owners to choose a responsive design. By updating your site with a responsive format, you will enjoy improved search, faster load times, lower bounce rates and a competitive advantage.

5. You need new technology.

If your site is lagging behind your competitors in terms of functionality, now is the time to make big changes. You might want to integrate new technology into your site, such as ecommerce, chatbots or artificial intelligence. As you take advantage of technological advancements, now is the time to eliminate old technology. For example, HTML5 can do everything that Flash can do – only better.


You may not be looking forward to the time and money that goes into a site overhaul, but every website needs to be updated from time to time. By working with the right web development team, your website will exceed your expectations in terms of function, design and results.

Magna Technology specializes in web development and design for WordPress websites. We take a strategic approach that includes business goals, competition, marketing efforts and technology. Call us today and let’s talk about your next website.