Website Management

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We’re Your Full-Time Webmaster, for a Fraction of the Price

Website technologies are constantly changing. We’re here to make sure you can take advantage of every opportunity to boost your website’s performance. Due to the constant flux of website technologies, your home on the web needs to be maintained. We constantly monitor your website for downtime or errors, back it up every 24 hours, proactively install and test software updates and patches, and are on-call in the event changes or updates are needed.

White Glove Website Management

Magna Technology can host, manage and maintain your website under your own branded domain. We make sure your website is fast, backed-up daily, monitored 24-hours a day for downtime, and that its software is up-to-date and secure. Changes or content updates are just a phone call or e-mail away, and are always implemented in short order.

  • Prompt Communication: Changes or content updates are efficiently handled by our friendly and knowledgeable team of expert webmasters.
  • “White Glove” Service: If it touches your website, chances are we can help – from A-Z, our webmaster support is comprehensive.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our 24-hour oversight detects and remedies issues, often before they come to your notice.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Get the advantages of a full-time webmaster without the associated full-time costs.
  • Scheduled Backups: Regular backups ensure your data is safe, give you the peace of mind to work with a safety-net and ensure website recovery is swift.
  • Security Enhancements: Regular updates to security protocols safeguard against potential threats.
  • Performance Optimization: Consultation on website loading speed and responsiveness with myriad options and solutions to improve performance.
  • Content Management: We ensure that your content remains fresh, updated, and aligned with current trends.
  • Platform & Plugin Updates: Keeping your CMS and plugins updated ensures smooth website functionality.
  • Feedback & Reporting: Regular reports provide insights into website performance, visitor statistics, and potential areas of improvement.
  • Integration Management: Seamless integration of third-party tools, plugins, or any other digital assets.
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Proactive Website Management Services

With the ever-changing nature of the internet, something at some point in time is bound to break. Companies update their APIs or software, social sharing widgets are updated, old technologies are discarded. Whatever the case may be, the constant nature of change on the web mandates staying on top of everything at all times. Should something on your website stop working, we often know about it before you do and implement an immediate fix to ensure your business continues uninterrupted. If there is an issue with your website’s integration between a 3rd party vendor or provider, we’re always available to troubleshoot and work with your vendors directly to resolve the issue.

  • Proactive Monitoring: With our vigilant oversight, we’re often the first to spot any discrepancies or malfunctions on your site.
  • Swift Issue Resolution: If something stops working, we spring into action, often resolving the issue even before it comes to your notice.
  • Uninterrupted Business Operations: We prioritize immediate fixes to ensure no interruptions to your online business activities.

Web Asset Management

Is your business juggling numerous domain names, web hosting accounts, and email addresses? Let us streamline this for you. We specialize in organizing and consolidating all your digital assets under one centralized management system. Scattering your web assets across various providers can be perilous, increasing the risk of expiration or payment issue. With us at the helm, you’re safeguarded against such missteps. We are dedicated to protecting your online investments and ensuring they remain firmly within your grasp.

Moreover, centralizing your digital resources not only reduces potential risks but also enhances operational efficiency. With a unified dashboard or system, you can quickly monitor and make changes as needed. This streamlined approach offers better visibility, reduces complexity, and ensures timely renewals. Trusting a dedicated partner like us ensures that your online foundation remains robust and adaptive to your evolving business needs.

  • Unified Digital Monitoring: 24-hour vigilant surveillance of all online assets, ensuring maximum uptime and smooth operations.
  • Centralized Content Management: Efficiently updating and refining content to maintain relevancy and user engagement.
  • Integrated Ecommerce Oversight: Comprehensive management of product listings, payment gateways, and user transactions.
  • Performance & Load-time Enhancement: Centralized tools to boost site speed, optimizing both user experience and SEO.
  • Consolidated Backup Solutions: Daily data backups to facilitate rapid recovery from any unplanned disruptions.
  • Unified Security Protocols: Implementing and updating security measures to safeguard all digital assets from potential threats.
  • Holistic Site Assessment: Routine performance checks and troubleshooting, all from a single dashboard.