5 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

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Most first-time website owners start with a shared hosting plan because they’re inexpensive and a great fit for smaller sites. But as your business grows and your site gets more traffic and content, you may need to upgrade to a different plan. With an upgrade, you’ll likely be paying more, so it’s important to know if this switch is necessary.

Here are five signs that you’re ready to upgrade your hosting plan. As long as you’re happy with your current hosting provider, you can ask about their next plan. Otherwise, now is a good time to shop around for prices and service.

1. Your site is too slow.

A slow website can hurt your reputation and lead to lost sales. Speed is so important, even Google considers it as a ranking factor. There are many factors that can lead to a slow website, so you’ll want to go through the list first (optimize images, reduce plugins, clean up the theme, etc.). However, if you’ve done all this and your site is still slow, your hosting plan may be to blame.

2. You’re getting lots of traffic.

As your business grows and your SEO starts working, you’ll get more traffic to your site. This is great news, but you want to be sure that your website can handle the traffic. Otherwise, visitors will get frustrated and leave your site. Talk to your hosting provider about upgrading your plan. It’s worth it, especially considering that you may be getting charged if your traffic surpasses its limit.

3. There’s frequent downtime.

Experiencing frequent downtime is a definite call for hosting help. If your site is constantly going down, you’re going to lose customers and sales, plus damage your brand’s reputation. A good hosting provider should give you 99 percent uptime, so if you’re not getting this, it’s best to look into other hosting services.

4. Security is an issue.

The best web hosting providers offer as much security as possible. After all, there’s never such a thing as being too protected on the internet. However, if your site is getting attacks or you’re not able to backup your site often, you probably need a better plan. While no platform is 100 percent secure, your hosting plan should have the essential safety features.

5. You need more space and resources.

A common issue web owners run into is not having enough space and resources to store videos, images and other downloadable files. Even if you have a small website, it will grow over time. If you go over your limit, your hosting provider may charge you extra. So it’s better to upgrade your plan or switch providers to get more for your money.

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