8 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Site Design in 2021

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Time flies when you’re having fun – and being successful! But when’s the last time you looked at your website?

Many business owners get so busy working with customers, they forget what their website looks like and how well it’s performing. But you don’t want to put your website on the back burner. This is one of your most valuable marketing assets and it has a huge impact on your marketing metrics and user experience.

Here are eight signs that it’s time to update your site design in 2021.

1. Your web pages load slowly.

Even a one-second delay can reduce customer satisfaction by 16 percent. Use the PageSpeedInsights tool to test your pages and see how fast they load. This tool also lets you know what other issues to address.

2. Your site is not mobile optimized.

The best way to ensure your site is optimized is by choosing a responsive site design. But even then, you’ll want to add mobile-friendly features like clickable buttons, large text and simple forms.

3. You have a high bounce rate.

What’s your bounce rate looking like these days? If your bounce rate is over 40 percent, it’s likely that there are some site design issues like low-quality content, confusing navigation and slow loading pages. Use your web analytics to identify these issues.

4. Updating your site is difficult.

Modern websites are easy to update. If you’re struggling to add new pages or make other updates, switching over to a new template will solve these problems. Your SEO will improve as a result, too!

5. You have poor conversion rates.

Your website should offer plenty of opportunities for visitors to convert. Low conversion rates are a sign that you need to enhance your calls to action or add more conversion pathways. You can also benefit from good downloadable content like infographics, e-books and newsletters.

6. Your site is not secure.

If your site isn’t secured with HTTPS, your SEO could be suffering as a result. HTTPS adds an extra layer of security to the standard HTTP connection. It’s recommended for all websites, not just those that handle sensitive data.

7. You need new functionalities.

Over time, it’s normal for websites to lack certain functionalities. However, consumers are less forgiving these days and expect businesses to keep up with these features. If you are lacking in a secure checkout, online appointment scheduling or custom web forms, it’s time for an upgrade.

8. Your navigation is confusing.

Use your website from a user’s perspective. Is it hard to follow? Is the navigation confusing? If so, you might want to consider refreshing your menu structure and cleaning up your navigation. Visitors should be able to complete their actions in just a few clicks.

These are some of the signs that you’re ready for a site design update. This doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch, however. We can use your current website and choose a new template or theme that better fits your brand while removing elements you don’t need. For a free estimate, contact Magna Technology today.