Are Website Builders Worth Looking Into

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Over the years, there has been an explosion of website builders. These tools allow users to build websites quickly, efficiently and affordably. The best part is, users don’t have to know coding to produce beautiful results. The templates are easy to work with and have built-in drag and drop technology. For a low cost, you get security, hosting and even some analytic tools.

As wonderful as website builders are, they are not for everyone. Generally speaking, they work well for small businesses with basic websites. To help you determine if a website builder is right for you, we’ve listed out the pros and cons to these tools.

Pros to Website Builders

  • No coding skills needed. To create an efficient design, all you need to do is drag and drop the content you want. Web builders allow you to upload images, change the color scheme, alter text and font and more.
  • Fast turnaround times. If you don’t have time to waste, a website builder gets your site up and running right away. You have full control, so you can publish the site whenever you are ready.
  • If your startup is on a tight budget, a website builder saves money. Most services are marketed as “free” but don’t expect them to be completely free. You generally have to pay to remove ads and host your site.

Cons to Website Builders

  • Difficult to grow. Your business may be small today, but surely you have plans to grow. What happens when this growth occurs? Or when you want to add new features and functions to your site? Large sites with a lot of content need a dedicated web developer.
  • Not custom. Even if you pay for premium templates, you are still given the same assortment of templates that everyone has access to. It’s possible that you will have the same looking site as others, which could decrease consumer trust.
  • Third-party advertisements. External ads are generally allowed from the web creators. If you don’t want these ads on your site (and you don’t), you will have to pay extra to have them removed. Again, seeing unrelated ads flashing on your site can decrease trust.
  • Fewer functionalities. You’re at the mercy of a website builder, which means you may not get all the features and functionalities you want. Working within these limitations can grow difficult over time, especially as your business evolves.

Having a Custom Site Built

The alternative to building your own website is to hire someone to do it for you. The cost can be substantial depending on the size and functionalities of your site, as well as the company you hire. The good news is that you can have a beautiful, well-working website without putting your business in debt. The key is working with the right web development team.

Magna Technology has a full-service backend development team ready to work for you! We offer professionally designed websites that are clean, user friendly and mobile responsive. We are happy to work with your current design, or we can start from scratch. With our creativity, resourcefulness and training, we continually create solutions that produce results for our clients.

Here are a few things to expect from us: 

  • No other website will look like yours.
  • People don’t wait for slow loading sites. Be confident that your site runs optimally on all devices.
  • With SSL and the proper source code, your site is safe with identity thieves and hackers.
  • As your business grows, so can your website. Our web solutions are fully scalable.
  • Let us optimize your website specifically for your business. This is the public window to your company, so a first impression is vital.

Are you ready to have a custom website built? Call Magna Technology for your free quote!