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Exploring the Hero Image Web Design Trend

Written by The Magna Technology Team on September 3, 2019

In web design, hero images are large web banner images that are placed front and center on a web page. They can be static or dynamic and generally cover the full width of the web page. Hero images are a cool design trend because they jazz up ordinary web pages and invite people to explore your site further.

Even though hero images aren’t the loudest design trend, they play an important role in reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions. Therefore, it’s likely that your site can benefit from them. You can use hero images to capture your visitors’ attention, click on a CTA button or try your product.

Below are some great tips to help you choose the perfect hero image for your site.

Focus on Your Product

High-resolution product images are most commonly used as web banners. Think about Apple and Samsung and how they feature their latest smartphones using hero images. The visuals tend to be minimal and sharp, showing off the latest designs in screen size, camera innovation and sleekness.

Pay attention to the products you want to sell. You can use a slider to display more than one product. Right away, visitors will be able to capture your products and understand what you do.

Share Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition answers the question of “why” a customer should choose you over someone else. Oversized images offer prime real estate for sharing your value proposition. Use an image of your business for the background and print your slogan over the top. This gives your company a personal touch while sharing what makes you attractive.

Opt for a Simple Illustration

Some of our favorite hero images are real-life photos capturing businesses, products and customer service teams. But, not all businesses benefit from these types of images. A minimalistic illustration may be a better fit for your brand. These simple graphics tell visitors who you are and what you do without overwhelming them.

Evoke Emotion

If you can use hero images to make visitors feel something, they will be more likely to continue with the desired action. The most effective visuals are those that contain human faces. In fact, your audience should be able to look at a photo and understand the message without reading the text. Split test your hero images to see what visitors respond best to.

Build Trust

For those who offer a select service, such as creative writing or photography, building trust is important. A quick and effective way to do this is by using a hero image with your professional headshot or illustration. Include a few short lines about who you are and what you do, along with a CTA button. When visitors see this on your homepage, it will instantly establish trust.

Hero images are a great addition to modern web design. To have a hero image added to your website, contact Magna Technology today. We’ve had a lot of success with this trend and its impact on traffic and conversions.

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