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Forgot to Spring Clean Your Website? Do a Fall Clean-up!

Written by The Magna Technology Team on September 30, 2019

Springtime is usually when people spring clean their lives. But, if you were too busy to get around to your website, fall is a great time to catch up. We’ve already made it through the first two quarters, and the holidays will soon arrive. Giving your website some attention allows it to be the best it can be for the rest of the year.

Below is a handy checklist to follow when giving your website a fall clean-up. Visitors will appreciate this – and so will you!

  • Update your copyright date.

    It might seem like a small detail, but visitors will trust your website more if it’s current. Take a few minutes to update your footer with the current year.

  • Renew your domain name.

    Is your domain name about to expire? Renew it now, or set a reminder for when it needs to be done.

  • Check for broken links.

    Broken links are inevitable, but this doesn’t give you a free pass. These links frustrate users and damage search rankings. Use a tool to find all broken links on your site.

  • Update contact info.

    Make sure all contact information is correct and updated. Check all links and ensure they are going to the right phone and email. Remove any unused accounts as well. You want communications going to the right places!

  • Test functionality.

    Do a quick test to make sure that everything works on your site, including forms, surveys, shopping cart functions, links and buttons. Fix bugs and look for ways to improve UX. People expect to complete tasks in as few steps as possible.

  • Update prices.

    With the holidays approaching, all prices should be accurate. Examine your costs and make adjustments, if necessary. It may be time to increase prices to ensure a healthy profit margin. For products you want to clear out, consider running an online sale.

  • Refresh inventory.

    You’ll also want to review inventory before the holidays. Are there products that are being discontinued? Retired? Repriced? Give visitors an honest idea of what you have in stock.

  • Perfect the copy.

    Go through your pages and tighten up your copy. It should read as one consistent series with the same tone, voice and branding. Visitors should never question if they’ve left your site.

  • Update bios and policies.

    Is there anything new to add to your company bios? Maybe you hired new employees, or other ones retired. Be sure to adjust this to reflect your current staff. Also update your policies with the latest information.

Follow this fall clean-up list to make your website the best it can be! Need help with this list? Give Magna Technology a call and we’ll be happy to review your site and make recommendations.

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