How Often Does Google Crawl and Index Your Website?

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Do you ever wonder how often Google crawls your website? You can actually find the answer to this question in Google Search Console. Once you log into your account, you can check out your website performance and see when Google last crawled your site.

Crawling and indexing is a good thing because it ensures that your website is being added to the index and shown to users. There is no set schedule for when Google crawls websites. Some sites are crawled daily while others are crawled weekly. Some sites are only crawled once every few months.

If you want Google to pay a visit to your site more often, there are ways to achieve this. Below we share our best tips for getting Google to crawl and index your site more often.

Avoid Connectivity Issues

If your website has a lot of connectivity issues, Google isn’t going to want to visit. Why send bots over if your site won’t work properly? Unfortunately, if Google can’t read your site, your pages can’t be added to the index and traffic will drop. Make sure that your site is up and running so that it can be indexed. If servers are constantly down, it’s probably time for a new hosting provider.

Regularly Add New Content

Google can’t stay away from sites that regularly add new content. The bots want to see everything new that you’re adding so that it can keep your site fully indexed. Adding fresh content to your website is one of the easiest ways to invite Google back to your site. To give you plenty of opportunities to add new content, it’s helpful to have a blog. This way, you can update the blog with new posts about industry-related topics.

Create a Sitemap

Sitemaps show the search engines how often you index your content and how often they should come back and visit. Even though some people say that sitemaps aren’t that important, the bots do read sitemaps, and they can have some influence. Sitemap tools are often free and easy to create, so why not have one.

Develop a Linking Strategy

Another way for Google to notice you is when other content links to your site. When Google discovers that other people are linking to your content, it gives you an automatic credibility boost. Google can tell the difference between white hat and black hat linking practices, so be sure to follow the rules. Otherwise, Google may penalize your site, hurting its place in the rankings.

Google should crawl your website as much as possible, so keep your website updated with fresh content. If you have questions about how often your site is crawled and ways to improve visits, contact Magna Technology today.