How to Solve Common Browser Issues

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Optimize your browser with these tips.

Some issues that you may encounter with your website can be attributed to browser problems. By updating your browser, refreshing the page or clearing the cache, you can eliminate most browser issues and get your website running flawlessly again. Of course, if you go through these steps and still have problems, contact your website management company, as there is probably something deeper going on.

In the meantime, here are the steps to take to solve common browser issues.

Make Sure Your Browser is Up to Date

Most browsers are updated automatically by default, but there are times when you may have to do so manually. If your website isn’t performing correctly, the first thing to do is check your browser to make sure you’re using the latest version. This ensures you get optimal viewing and security for your website.

The most common web browsers include:

Clear Your Browser Cache

If your browser is up to date, the next step is to clear the cache. Each time you access a web page, your browser stores a temporary copy so that it can load faster next time. While this is a big advantage, there are also times when you’ll want to clear your cache to improve performance.

Since the temporary file being stored is an older version, this means you’re viewing an older version of the site. Clearing the cache forces your browser to fetch the latest version of the website. Here are some signs you need to clear your cache:

  • Seeing a blank screen
  • WordPress Editor not loading
  • Changes you’ve made won’t appear
  • Wrong site appears after changing a domain
  • An error is showing multiple times

Clear Cookies

WordPress uses browser cookies to ensure their services work properly. If you’re having trouble with portions of your website, you may need to clear your cookies. However, be careful about clearing all of your cookies, as this will affect your experience using other websites.

More Troubleshooting Tips

If your browser is updated and the cache and cookies are properly cleared and you’re still experiencing problems, try these tips:

  • Try an alternate browser temporarily. If your website looks good on the other browser, then you can confirm that your browser is the problem.
  • Try a different internet connection, as some networks block access to certain sites.
  • Temporarily disable ad blockers, as these can sometimes interfere with your web browsing experience.
  • Temporarily disable browser extensions. As you re-add each one, see if the issues reappear.
  • Enable third-party cookies. If you don’t want to enable them for all sites, you can allow them for specific domains only.

Still Having Trouble? Let Magna Technology Help!

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