Should You Be Using SEO Plugins On Your WordPress Site?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of a successful website. When you have good SEO, you can leverage the search engines to send targeted traffic to your site. Once you have visitors, it’s up to you to get them to stay on your page and complete specific actions like signing up for your newsletter or reading your blogs. Fortunately, all you need are the right tools to succeed.

If you’re using WordPress to build your site, you’ll have access to many built-in features to help optimize your site such as on-page SEO tools and automatic sitemaps. But it’s possible that you may need more than this to succeed with your SEO strategy. This is where SEO plugins come into the picture.

Let’s talk more about why SEO is important for your website and a few plugins you can use to make your life easier.

SEO Basics You Need to Know

The purpose of SEO is to help the search engines understand what your website is about. This way, they’ll know when to show your content. Good SEO takes a lot of work, however. You need to have an optimized website that is easy for the search engines to crawl. You also need to provide a strong user experience, offer great security and perform keyword research and optimization.

Additionally, SEO requires on-page work like the following:

  • Write compelling page titles and meta descriptions
  • Use headers and alt attributes to break content into digestible sections
  • Add both internal and external links
  • Use support media such as images and videos

SEO Plugins to Consider for Your Website

Here at Magna Technology, we are big fans of WordPress. WordPress is SEO friendly and can be used to build basically any type of website you want or can imagine. Here are some of the SEO plugins that we use for our own clients:

  • All in One SEO for WordPress (AIOSEO). This comprehensive SEO toolkit will help you improve search rankings without being an SEO expert. It even comes with an easy setup wizard that helps you choose the best SEO settings for your business.
  • Yoast SEO. This popular SEO plugin lets you optimize your site for the search engines. You can add titles and descriptions to all posts and pages on your website. It also generates an XML sitemap for your web content.
  • SEOPress. This SEO plugin has a straightforward setup with advanced controls for more seasoned users. It includes all essential features like meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, redirects and more. The paid version is also economical.
  • Rank Math. This fast-growing plugin allows you to optimize your website for the search engines and social media. It comes with an easy setup wizard and lets you import data from other SEO plugins.

Magna Technology is a web development company that builds fast, optimized websites that rank well on the search engines. Contact us today to discuss the best SEO plugin to download to your website.