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Should You Hire a Webmaster for Your Small Business?

Written by The Magna Technology Team on July 27, 2022

It’s common for small businesses to handle the majority of their work on their own in order to cut costs, but this can prove difficult and expensive down the line. As your business grows, your digital footprint needs to as well. Rather than having to worry about scaling your website, updating content, handling security updates and more, you should use your time to develop relationships with new and existing customers. To take care of your website, you can hire an affordable webmaster.

What is a Webmaster? What Do They Do?

A webmaster is a professional who is responsible for maintaining your website. Some of the tasks they perform are:

  • 24-hour performance monitoring
  • Content updates
  • Website changes
  • Daily website backups
  • Security scans
  • Software updates
  • Speed optimization
  • Coding fixes

In short, a webmaster ensures that your website is functioning well so that your business can move forward with more conversions, customers and sales.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Webmaster?

When you have a small business to operate, every penny counts. That said, a webmaster can make a huge difference for your business’ online presence. What you generate in traffic and sales can quickly offset the cost of a webmaster.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hiring a webmaster to manage your small business’ website.

Save Time and Energy

When your website is down, your business is, too. Business owners often spend hours or even days trying to get their sites up and running. Having a dedicated webmaster prevents this from happening. With 24-hour performance monitoring, most problems are caught before you even realize them. If you do notice something amiss, simply contact your webmaster.

Simplify the Navigation

A webmaster can create a website that is enjoyable and easy for people to use. If people have a hard time using your site, you will end up losing customers. Some of the areas that webmasters focus on are simplified navigation, links to products and services, high quality images and layout options.

Attract Targeted Customers

Your products and services are designed for a specific audience, and it’s this audience that you want to bring to your site. A webmaster can help drive targeted traffic to your site, improving conversion rates and boosting sales. To do this, the webmaster will research what keywords to use and make suggestions on the type of content you can write.

Increase Placement in Organic Search Results

To promote your business organically, you need to move your website up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Part of this strategy is achieved with SEO and lead generation. The easier your content is to find, the more people will read it and share it with others. Though organic SEO takes time to produce results, it is part of a long-term marketing strategy that your webmaster can monitor for you.

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