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Top 5 Features Every Successful B2C Ecommerce Site Needs

Written by The Magna Technology Team on July 14, 2020

B2C ecommerce sites sell products to customers online rather than in a store. Some businesses operate solely online while others have both a physical store and an ecommerce store. Whether your B2C ecommerce site is your main port of revenue or an addition to your in-store sales, it’s imperative that it utilizes the latest technology.

Magna Technology builds robust ecommerce websites that are the pillars for our customers’ online businesses. Here are the top five features we recommend for every ecommerce site, as they can make or break the difference between customers choosing you or someone else.

1. Responsive Web Design

With a responsive web design, you can ensure that all customers receive the same optimized experience whether they are shopping from their tablet, smartphone or computer. A consistent experience is incredibly important, as many customers bounce around from devices. For example, many customers start off browsing on their mobile devices and then make purchases on their computers.

2. Smooth, Seamless Navigation

From the homepage to the checkout process, your website should offer seamless, intuitive navigation. People expect to complete their tasks in as few clicks as possible, so refrain from adding in steps that don’t need to be there. Some of the things that make good website navigation are:

  • Available contact information
  • Proper usage of fonts and colors
  • Headlines and CTAs
  • Fast page load times
  • Simple forms
  • Guest checkout

3. Informative Product Descriptions

If there is one area that requires lots of information and pictures, it’s your product descriptions. Because people are shopping online and not in your store, they need as much information as possible to help them make a decision. Make sure your ecommerce store has detailed product descriptions with product options, attributes, filters and more.

4. Easy-to-Manage Content

B2C ecommerce sites need a lot of attention because products change all the time. To do this, you’ll need a user-friendly content management system (CMS). With this setup, you can add or edit pages, categories, products, articles, blog posts and more without having to know code. This way, you can keep your site functional and relevant for customers year-round!

5. Marketing Options

Chances are, you plan on running promotions and sales to entice customers to shop with your store. With the right CMS and marketing tools, you can accomplish this in just a few clicks. Run BOGOs, create compelling landing pages and drive revenue to your ecommerce site. It’s all possible with the built-in marketing tools that come with your site design.

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