Why You Should Always Update Your WordPress Theme

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WordPress themes let you create professional websites that match your brand identity. But you will need to update your theme from time to time to ensure that it contains the latest security patches, features and technology. Not updating your theme can leave your site vulnerable to known and unknown risks, as well as poor performance and slow load times.

Let’s learn more about the importance of keeping your WordPress theme updated.


One of the best ways to keep your WordPress site secure is by updating all software, plugins and themes. You should do this as soon as the updates are rolled out, as they typically contain the latest security patches to protect against vulnerabilities and backdoors.

Feature Upgrades

In addition to getting the latest security fixes, upgrading your WordPress theme also gives you access to the latest feature upgrades, like extensions and customization options. These additional features may have been requested by users, or they were thought of at a later date. Either way, you’ll want to have the option to take advantage of them!

Performance Optimization

Many theme updates also make it easier to improve your performance. For example, they may reduce the weight and HTTP requests of a theme so that it loads faster, which is good for your site’s performance.


Another reason to update your WordPress theme is to make sure that it’s compatible with future WordPress releases. When a new version of software is released, theme developers will test their themes to make sure they work. If changes need to be made, they’ll do so and release an update.

Installing these updates ensures that your theme works alongside the new version of WordPress. It also ensures compatibility with the latest mobile devices, browser updates and plugins. If your theme is not up-to-date, it’s likely that some of these features won’t work.

You can update your WordPress themes automatically or manually. When you enlist help from a professional web management company like Magna Technology, all WordPress updates will be made automatically. Contact our team today to learn more about our web management services.