WordPress 5.4: What’s New in the Latest Update

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WordPress 5.4 was released in early April and is the first major release for 2020. This new update is packed with a lot of features, including the WordPress block editor. This tool offers a completely new and different way of creating content in WordPress. You can find out more about the block editor, known as Gutenberg, in this article.

In the meantime, here are some of the latest features included with the WordPress 5.4 update.

New and Improved Block Editor

WordPress 5.4 gives special attention to the content editor. It uses a system of blocks to compose and format content. Here are some of the features to expect.

  • Fullscreen editor. WordPress now displays the block editor in the fullscreen mode by default.
  • New blocks. There are two new blocks in the latest WordPress update.
    • Social icons block. This allows you to add social media icons to your posts and pages.
    • Buttons block. This allows you to add multiple buttons side by side.

Furthermore, you can enjoy new color options for blocks, giving you the ability to change the color of any text inside a paragraph block.

Drag and Drop to Add Featured Image

In the earlier WordPress version, you had to upload and set the featured image. With WordPress 5.4, you can simply drag and drop an image to the featured image section. This makes uploading pictures fast and easy. Furthermore, the latest update makes it possible to select the image size directly in the gallery block.

Embed TikTok Videos

WordPress now allows you to embed TikTok videos into your WordPress posts and pages. This is a great feature, as TikTok videos can show a lighter side of your business, especially for younger audiences. If you’re comfortable embedding YouTube videos, you’ll have no trouble embedding these short videos.

Updated Privacy Tools

Improvements have been made to the privacy tools in WordPress 5.4. Personal data exports now include things like custom user meta, session tokens and community events location. Additionally, personal data exports come in two files: HTML and JSON.

To take advantage of the latest features in WordPress 5.4, update WordPress today. Take your time exploring the new features and enhancements that will change the way you create content. If you have questions about updating WordPress, contact Magna Technology today.