Yes, You Should Optimize Your Website for SEO Before Launch

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A common question we hear from clients is whether or not they should wait to optimize their website for SEO. The answer: it’s best to design your website for SEO ahead of launching. While this will take extra work upfront, you can avoid a lot of headaches down the line. Your website will be better prepared to rank in the search results and drive in organic traffic.

Below are the benefits to optimizing your site for SEO before its launching.

Good Design Helps with Rankings

Poorly designed websites make people want to leave, and they have a harder time ranking for SEO. Whether you plan on building your own website or hiring a professional web developer, be sure to consider SEO from the start. This will help you craft a smooth, optimized website that people want to use.

It Takes Time to Rank New Domains

Just because your website goes live doesn’t mean you’ll automatically show up in the search results. Domain age is a ranking factor, so a new site will have lower rankings. This isn’t because Google is “punishing” new domains but rather because they put them into a “sandbox.” This gives Google a few months to decide if your site is trustworthy. Performing quality SEO work in the meantime helps you get started on the right foot.

Save Time and Money in the Long Run

Building a website takes time, but you’ll feel a lot better knowing that the initial work will give you everything you need to succeed. Sure, there will be some tweaks here and there, but the majority of your site will be done to your satisfaction. On the other hand, if you need to redesign entire sections of your site, you’ll lose time and money.

Generate Organic Traffic

Another benefit to launching your website with good SEO is that you can start generating organic traffic right away. This won’t happen overnight, but you can start making a good first impression. And, with proper optimization, you can enhance the user experience, leading them to spend more time on your website. When this happens, Google will rank your site better as well.

These are just some of the advantages to optimizing your website before launch. To discuss your vision for a new or updated website, contact Magna Technology today. We can recommend an SEO company or we are happy to work with yours!