5 Benefits of Flat Web Design 2.0

purple squiggle

Flat design is an influential trend, but we don’t see it dying down any time soon. In fact, it’s being refined into something even greater – flat design 2.0. Flat design 2.0 solves the problem of elements being “too flat.” It incorporates more gradients, shadows and depths to help users understand what to do.

If you know that a web redesign is near, it’s a good idea to be informed about your options. Flat web design is known for its easy user interface, bold colors, sharp images and simple navigation. If this sounds like something that could benefit you, read our five reasons for loving flat design 2.0.

1. It’s consistent with the latest trends.

Flat design is a hot trend. It has gained a lot of attention in recent years, and it’s expected to stay this way way. If you’re going to invest in a new website, it should look new, shouldn’t it? Plus, flat design is fully compatible with responsive designs because the vector graphics can be easily resized by browsers.

2. It offers a simple interface.

Users want to accomplish tasks in a few clicks or less. Flat design provides a simple interface that is comfortable and easy for people to use. Plus, the 2.0 version offers more options in terms of gradients, raised elements, sunken buttons and drop shadows. These features stand out and help users know what to do next.

3. It has expanded its colors.

Flat design relies on bold, vibrant colors, though the options have been limited in the past. The 2.0 version has more colors to work with, offering more creative possibilities than ever before. When these new colors are combined with gradients, you can create calls to actions and buttons that are hard to ignore.

4. It loads quickly.

We know that page speed is a ranking factor and has a major impact on user experience. Fortunately, flat web design loads quickly thanks to its smaller file sizes. The only thing that can slow down your site’s performance are animations. Although they are a great addition to your site, especially when hovering over certain elements, you should use them in moderation.

5. It has a positive impact on SEO.

Web design is integral to the user experience. If people don’t enjoy visiting a website, they will leave and not return. Flat design 2.0 focuses on a simple interface, fast loading graphics, mobile responsiveness and more – all things that users care about. Not only will visitors prefer your site, but so will Google, boosting your rankings in the search engines.

Are you thinking about updating your website with a new, clean design? Contact Magna Technology to learn more about flat design 2.0 and how it can transform your site.