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How Often Should You Update Your Web Content?

Written by The Magna Technology Team on June 6, 2019

Whether you have a blog, ecommerce store or commercial website, it’s important to keep your content updated on a regular basis. Updated content gives an accurate representation of who your business is today and reflects the latest trends in your industry. Plus, Google loves websites that contain useful, relevant content and rewards them with higher rankings.

How often you should update your content depends on a few factors. Some industries and businesses need to make changes more frequently than others. Below we cover the basics on how often you should be updating your web content. (And, if you need ideas, check out these 47 content suggestions.)

Newspapers & Magazines (Tech, Lifestyle, Sports, Fashion, Celebrity & Financial)

In this category, it’s recommended to update your content several times a day. The more updates the better, as these are categories that depend on the latest happenings. For example, when you Google your favorite celebrity or look to gather the latest scoop on Apple products, you want the latest news, not something from last week. Fortunately, this type of content is generally short and to the point with lots of images.

Normal Websites & Blogs

Normal websites and blogs are those that provide evergreen content on various topics, such as parenting, gardening, web design, marketing, travel tips, weight loss and more. This type of content stays relevant for a long period of time, which is why it’s commonly repurposed. Three posts a week is more than enough, though most businesses in this caliber post less (usually 1-2 times per week) unless they have the resources to do more.

Corporate Websites & Blogs

Corporate websites and blogs share the products and services they offer, and they generally require the least amount of updates. Examples of corporate websites include law firms, online job sites and investment companies – all areas that don’t change much.

However, it remains important to keep your content fresh so that Google visits your site often. Ideally, you should post 2-3 blogs per week. Brainstorm how-to and informational articles, interviews with experts from your company, predictions and trends for your industry and more.

Websites & Blogs

Ecommerce stores have a lot to gain from adding fresh content. You can use content to show how your products work and the benefits to using them. Include detailed product reviews, how-to videos, reviews comparing similar products and announcements. As long as you have high quality content to post on your ecommerce blog, feel free to post it. Consumers love having a reason to buy new things!

Updated content boosts SEO, entertains users and lets Google know that you are active and alive. To learn more about updating your website and improving your long-term content marketing strategy, contact Magna Technology today.

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