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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Written by The Magna Technology Team on May 31, 2019

Average shopping cart abandonment rates are between 60% and 80%. This means that for every 100 people who visit your site, 60 to 80 people walk away. While you can’t win them all, there are things you can do make the customer shopping experience more positive for your customers. This will make them more likely to convert and return to your site in the future.

Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts

So, what are some of the reasons why shoppers choose not to complete a purchase? The most common reasons are:

  • Unexpected shipping costs or taxes
  • Better pricing found somewhere else
  • Navigation that is too complicated
  • Checkout process that is too long
  • Concerns over security
  • No intention to buy – just browsing

Most of these issues can be resolved, leading to higher conversion rates and lower shopping cart abandonment rates.

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Below are our best tips for helping web owners reduce shopping cart abandonment.

  • Increase trust. Consumers are picky about who they give their money to, and rightfully so. If your website looks fishy, people won’t want to give you their personal information. Show users that your site is safe by having a valid SSL certificate and displaying trust symbols.
  • Avoid price shock. Shoppers don’t like to have extra fees added on at the last minute. So, avoid this at all costs. Make sure your shipping costs are transparent and accurate, or offer flat rate shipping to make everyone happy.
  • Simplify navigation. Consumers want simple shopping experiences. The more clicks a person has to do, the more likely they are to give up and go somewhere else. Keep your navigation clean and simple by allowing for purchases in three clicks or less – choose a product, add a product, buy a product.
  • Send cart abandonment emails. If a shopper abandons their cart, you probably have their email address. Send them a message to remind them of their items. To sweeten the pot, offer them a time-sensitive discount.
  • Provide a guest checkout option. Not everyone wants to sign up for an account, so don’t exclude these shoppers. Give them the option to checkout as a guest. Do remind them why it’s great to have an account, such as special offers or early product releases.
  • Identify leaks in the funnel. Use Google Analytics to review the behaviors of your visitors. Look for leaks in the funnel that are causing people to drop off. Make improvements in these areas to boost the user experience.

When people leave items in their cart, you are losing money. Don’t lose money! Contact Magna Technology to discuss a few simple options for improving the checkout process and reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.

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