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6 Reasons Why Great Web Design Matters

Written by The Magna Technology Team on January 10, 2022

Here at Magna Technology, we understand that designing a website is no easy feat, but it’s certainly not an excuse to slack off! Web design matters and can have a direct impact on your business. Below we will cover six major ways great web design can boost your bottom line!

1.) Leads to Great First Impressions

Whether or not we like to admit it, first impressions make a difference. Similar to how meeting someone for the first time can impact your impression of them in the future, your website inevitably provides your audience with a first impression of your business.

If your site is outdated, has poor functionality or simply looks unappealing, your potential customers may have a negative impression of your business. That first impression can cause them to leave your page for one of your competitor’s pages. Ultimately, great web design keeps leads on your page.

2.) Positively Impacts SEO

Certain web design elements can negatively impact your SEO strategy. This is why proper web design practices, such as partnering with a web design agency, can help search engines index well so that you can have more visibility on the web.

3.) Sets the Tone for Customer Service

Consider your web design as the “digital face” of your business. If your visitors don’t feel like you welcomed them with a friendly face, they may not feel like you value them enough to provide them with a worthwhile product or service. That’s why it’s important to not only have a bright and modern web design, but also to have a website that functions properly.

4.) You’ll Build Trust

At the end of the day, people no longer trust a poorly-designed website. In a world full of shady internet scammers, potential customers won’t want to take the risk of making a purchase on a glitchy website. To keep people on your site longer and boost sales, make sure that your site has a secure checkout process and trust signals.

5.) Join the Competition

Keep in mind that your competitors are already taking advantage of great web design… which is most likely one of the reasons why they are your competitors in the first place! This means you need to step up to the plate with a unique, strategically designed website, especially if you have similar pricing or services to your competitors. Your website design should stand out from the crowd, and highlight the special features of your business.

6.) Consistency

Creating consistency across your website is key to building your brand. Using the same layouts, fonts, colors and styles will help your audience recognize your brand more easily, and ultimately come across as more professional and clean. Using great web design also helps separate you from your competitors.

Overall, great web designs play a major role in the success of your website because it directly impacts your target audience and how they perceive your business! To discuss your web design needs, contact Magna Technology today.

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