6 Signs It’s Time for a New Web Hosting Provider

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If you’re having a lot of problems with your website, it may be time for a new hosting provider. Switching hosting providers won’t necessarily get rid of all your problems, but it can make a huge difference in the performance and reliability of your site. After all, poor web hosting can lead to a decrease in sales, a poor reputation and an overall negative impact on your bottom line.

So, is it time to part ways? Below are six signs that it’s time to start looking for a new web hosting service.

1. It can’t accommodate surges in traffic.

There are certain times when traffic to your site will increase, particularly if you’re a retailer. Your site must be able to accommodate this extra traffic, otherwise you’ll lose customers. If you’ve noticed that your site goes down during high traffic periods, such as on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s definitely time to consider other options. Your site should run just as smoothly during prime times as it does on slow days.

2. You’re concerned your information isn’t secure.

Keeping information secure is a constant concern for organizations that handle sensitive data. Plus, there are privacy laws that your business must follow in order to remain compliant with state and federal laws.

No one is exempt from security breaches, but your hosting solution plays a big role in keeping your site safe. If security events are common, getting more frequent or gaining in severity, it’s time to upgrade your hosting solution. Look for a service that gives you a well-established security strategy that includes things like two-factor authentication.

3. Your hosting provider can’t scale with you.

Another sign you’ve outgrown your web hosting provider is when it can’t accommodate your changing needs. A good hosting provider will scale with your organization and meet your needs in real-time. If they can’t, your growth will be limited based.

4. There’s a lack of communication.

If you’re getting the feeling that your hosting provider doesn’t care, this is a cause for concern. Your hosting provider should care about your site and be the first one to alert you if there’s an issue. If you’re finding out information from your customers and not your hosting provider, this is a sign you need to look elsewhere.

5. Your web pages load slowly.

Slow load times are a top reason why people leave websites. If you notice that your website is slow, it’s important to get to the bottom of the source. Otherwise, you’ll continue to lose traffic and sales. Chances are, the bandwidth isn’t enough and you need a more expensive hosting service.

6. Downtime is becoming more common.

There’s always a chance of downtime, but this shouldn’t be a regular thing. If people can’t access your site, it leads to frustration on their end and lost sales. It can also affect your rankings in the search results because Google needs to be able to access pages to crawl them. Generally, frequent downtime happens from overloaded servers and inadequate networks.

Is it time for a new web hosting provider? Contact Magna Technology to learn more about our hosting solutions. Our services are reliable and responsive and can accommodate sites big and small. Let us find the perfect solution for you!