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6 Simple Ways to Optimize Above the Fold Content

Written by The Magna Technology Team on July 22, 2020

Talking about the “fold” in a web page comes from the newspaper days. Newspapers were folded over into neat little packages, and what you saw on the top was considered “above the fold.” Newspapers used to use this front space to compete with one another.

Today, we still use the term “above the fold” to describe the parts of a website a visitor sees first. It’s important to focus your efforts on above the fold content because many users don’t scroll at all. Plus, you only have seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, so what they see first can make all the difference in how they feel about your brand.

Below are six ways to optimize above the fold content.

1. Include an informative title.

Don’t rely on a clever tag line to draw people in. While it’s fine to include this (especially for people who already know you), you still want to include a clear, concise headline. Tell visitors who you are and what you do.

2. Add engaging subtitles.

Subtitles help break up your main points. Use them for visual hierarchy and to answer the questions that your visitors have.

3. Choose a call to action – but ease into it.

Be mindful of the call to action you use. Visitors probably won’t be ready to “Buy now,” so use the above the fold area to do some convincing. Usually, calls to action that are above the fold should be value propositions or customer stories that get people into the frame of mind of buying your product.

4. Answer frequently asked questions.

Think about the most common questions that visitors have when landing on your site – what you do, why you’re different, etc. If you can’t answer all of these questions, include a call to action that brings users to a list of your Q&As.

5. Use a compelling image.

Humans are visual creatures, so one photo may do more for you than an entire page of text! With this in mind, select an image, illustration or graphic element that represents the purpose of your page.

6. Offer a coupon.

A great way to motivate customers is by offering a coupon, discount or promotion. This shows that you want their business. Working this coupon into your above the fold content makes it visible to every visitor.

When done right, your above the fold message will be compelling and engaging, as well as fit naturally with the rest of your site. If you’re looking to revamp your site or create better above the fold content, contact the web design team at Magna Technology.

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