7 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Blog

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WordPress started out as a blogging platform and has grown exponentially over the years. Today, WordPress is the fastest growing CMS, powering more than 30% of websites. Even if you don’t need a full website, you can still use WordPress to manage your blog. WordPress has everything you need to be successful.

As you compare blogging platforms, here are seven compelling reasons why WordPress is our top pick.

1. WordPress is the most popular blogging software.

It’s tempting to use what everyone else is, but this isn’t the only reason for going with the popular vote. When a lot of people use something, it’s easier to get support. (Note: You will need support since WP comes with a bit of a learning curve.)

Luckily, there are plenty of support forums that provide tips and tricks on how to use WordPress as well as paid memberships and an online store. Plus, new features and themes are added all the time, giving you a huge selection of features at no cost.

2. WordPress is SEO friendly.

By default, WordPress is SEO friendly. It lets you create optimized URLs, categories and tags. You can make your blog even more optimized by installing a plugin like Yoast. The Yoast SEO plugin helps you write SEO friendly content by adding meta values, creating sitemap files and setting focus keywords.

3. WordPress has over 54,000 plugins.

Yoast is just one of many plugins on WordPress. You can find plugins to manage spam comments, share content to your social channels and generate contact forms. Again, there is a bit of a learning curve, but you have full control over your blog. Although plugins are fun to use, they can slow down your site, so use them sparingly.

4. WordPress has thousands of responsive themes.

There are thousands of WordPress themes that you can download for free. Many are open source and include free templates and extensions to grow your blog. OceanWP is one of the most popular themes for blogging, and it includes multiple layouts, multiple sidebar areas and stunning image galleries. It’s easy to set up, and support is available.

5. WordPress is trustworthy.

Bloggers are highly trusted in their industry based on the information they provide. However, readers also place importance on how a blog looks. If you want to gain trust and respect from a wider audience, a WordPress blog will do the trick. People trust WP, and there are far less spammers trying to gain backlinks as you will find with other blogging platforms.

6. WordPress lets you monetize your blog.

One of the perks to having a successful WordPress blog is making money. Once your blog takes off and you have an active following, you can reach out to private advertisers. If they choose to advertise their products and services on your blog, you can generate money based on the number of clicks.

7. WordPress gives you full control.

While it’s true that WordPress does come with a learning curve, this also means that you get full control over your blog. You have complete freedom to choose the themes, layout, colors, typography, images, etc. Other platforms are more limited on their options, so you might find it difficult to stand out.

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