Are .com Domain Names Still Best?

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While there are hundreds of domain suffixes available, the three most common are .com, .net and .org. You may not think that people pay attention to domain suffixes, but they do. In fact, the domain extension you choose can impact what people think of your brand.

Generally speaking, .com domain names are best. They’re the most common, with more than half of websites using them. This is usually what we recommend to our own clients as well. According to the SEO agency Moz, .com domain names are best because it’s what Google likes and trusts.

Let’s explore more on .com domain extensions and if they’re right for your website.

Why Do People Trust .com Domain Names?

The .com domain extension is by far the most widely used suffix. It’s familiar and has a long-standing reputation, which is why Google is biased toward it. Websites that have a .com domain suffix have more authority right off the bat because it’s easy and consistent with the rest of the top level results.

Plus, Google believes that if most websites end in the same suffix, people will be able to remember them better. Even if you choose a different extension, people will probably still think it ends in .com and will type this in anyway. So, Google wants consistency and chooses to prioritize .com sites as a result.

Should My Site Have a .com Domain Extension?

The .com domain suffix is good for most businesses, but some websites may want to use a different suffix. For example:

  • .org is good for non-profit sites.
  • .edu is used for educational websites.
  • .gov is for government-run sites.

You can also choose a .net extension, which is the second most popular extension. However, it doesn’t provide the same benefits as the other suffixes. Nevertheless, it’s still trusted by users. But you still run the risk of having people type in your domain name with .com instead of .net.

What if I Can’t Get the .com Domain I Wanted?

What happens when you want a .com domain extension but find that your name is unavailable? The first step you can take is to choose .net or .org. You can also try switching up your domain name, particularly if you are a small business in a specific location. You can add a country domain suffix or add/drop an article to change the name.

The problem with this approach is that people can forget it and go to the .com default. So you may end up sending a lot of traffic to another business! If this isn’t the solution you’re looking for, you can ask to purchase the domain name from its owner or consider changing your business name. Yes, it’s a big deal, but it could pay off in the long run.

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