Benefits of Using Lazy Load Images on Your Website

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Images make up more than half of most websites, so page load time can quickly become an issue. To address this problem, web developers optimize images so that they are lighter and require fewer resources. However, even images that are properly optimized can weigh a lot. If they don’t load quickly enough or prevent other elements on your page from loading, you can lose visitors.

Luckily, there is a way to have your cake and eat it, too – lazy loading images. I’m going to explain what these images are and the benefits of adding them to your site.

What are Lazy Load Images?

Lazy loading images refer to images that load after above-the-fold content is fully loaded. If the user doesn’t scroll to the bottom of the page, the images won’t load at all. This saves precious resources from those who quickly leave your site. Not every website needs lazy loading images, but some do. These are mostly image-heavy websites, such as stock photo sites, restaurants and retailers.

Should You Consider Using Lazy Loading Images?

There are a few reasons why lazy load images would be an asset to your website.

  • Does your website use JavaScript to display content? If so, loading the Document Object Model (DOM) is a crucial part of the process. Many scripts wait until the DOM has loaded before they start running, which can cause frustration in users. If your site has a large number of images, it helps to load images asynchronously (lazy loading). This improves the user experience and prevents users from bouncing off your site.
  • Do you need to save on bandwidth? Lazy load images help save an incredible amount of bandwidth. The images only load if the user scrolls to that location, so if they don’t reach that point, the images won’t load. This saves bandwidth, which helps out those who are accessing your site on mobile devices and slow connections.
  • Are you trying to improve the user experience? Lazy loading images greatly improve the user experience because it strikes a balance between content delivery and performance. Plus, users won’t be distracted by visual noise. Visual content that supports your message will be shown at the right time.

If you’re concerned that memory and bandwidth are being wasted on your site, lazy load images may be the solution you’re looking for. Contact Magna Technology to learn more about speeding up your site and addressing slow loading images.