Best Design Tips for Your Homepage

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Designers are designing colors of mobile app layouts.

Homepages are incredibly important pages on your website – they are like the welcome signs that greet you at the door of a physical store. While having a beautiful design is important, it’s not everything. People also need to feel safe and trusting, and they should know exactly what to do and where to go. This is why many ingredients tie together to create the perfect homepage.

After creating thousands of homepages, here are some of the best design tips we have to make your page a success!

Choose a Simple, Clean Design

If the user sticks around, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share more information with them. For now, choose a clean and clutter-free layout that is easy to navigate. Only include the most important content and images, preferably above the fold where the eyes meet.

Avoid using excessive content and images, as this will only overwhelm visitors. Also remove any existing clip art, icons and never-ending text, as this can make your website look amateur and messy. Again, simple and straightforward is best

Incorporate High Resolution Images

The images on your homepage should be of the highest quality. Photos have the ability to tell others who you are and what you offer, so you don’t want to skimp on them. We recommend having a professional photographer shoot your photos, though there are instances where edited stock photos can work.

Also make sure that your images are properly optimized. This involves reducing the size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality. The goal of this is to increase page load times, an important ranking factor.

Ensure a Good Color Scheme

Be mindful of the background and color palette you choose. Ideally, you want a color or color combination that reinforces your brand without being over the top. Avoid using too many colors, as this can be distracting to your audience. Check out some of the top color combinations we recommend for logos and websites in 2023.

Optimize Homepage Buttons

Another element you’ll want to give special attention to is your homepage buttons. Not every homepage needs buttons, but if yours does, be sure to use them right. Since you want people to click on them, the buttons should be enticing. Keep your wording short, pick a bold color, deliver on what you promise and make the button visible.

Update Content Regularly

Remember, you’ll be able to go into more detail on other pages, so keep your homepage short. It should also contain relevant content that is updated regularly. This shows visitors that your website is current and up to date, which will instill trust from the start. You can update your homepage with new events, trending news, featured products and so forth.

These are some of the best design tips we have to make your homepage a hit! Whether you want to update one page or several, contact Magna Technology to chat. We can update your site to make it more enjoyable for users – and easier to find for Google.