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Top Color Combinations for Your Company Logo

Written by The Magna Technology Team on February 27, 2023

Every logo needs a color palette, even if it’s something simple like shades of black, white and gray. Brands use color combinations to express who they are and what their personality is like. Color is highly effective because it works at the primal level, causing people to feel certain emotions, react in certain ways and change ways of thinking.

As an example, the color blue is an excellent choice for brands because it’s non-aggressive and inspires feelings of trust, productivity and trustworthiness. Brands like Dell, GE and Facebook all use blue. Red, on the other hand, is a more aggressive color that inspires action, strong emotion and passion. Examples of red brands are Coca-Cola, Netflix and McDonalds.

If you’re looking to spruce up your company’s logo, a great way to do this is by switching up the color palette. Here are some of the top color combinations we’ve seen firsthand. Hopefully they will provide you with some inspiration for your own project!

Bold Combinations: Red & Blue, Black & Yellow

Pair any two (or more) intense colors together, and you have a bold color combination that will attract attention. If you’re going to use more than one bold color, we recommend adding a neutral color to balance things out. This will prevent your logo from looking too chaotic. For instance, red and orange or red and blue look great with black.

Peaceful Combinations: Pastel Green, Blue & Yellow

On the opposite end of the spectrum are peaceful colors like light shades of green, yellow, blue, pink and gray. We suggest using a calming color combination if you want to evoke feelings of peace and serenity, such as if you work with natural skincare products. If you like pastel colors but want to target a wider range of consumers, opt for colors that sit in the middle of the spectrum, such as green and orange.

Serious Combinations: Black, White & Gray

Shades of black and white work well for brands that want to make a statement while being formal or serious. And, black never goes out of style, so you don’t need to worry about having to update your logo any time soon. Using black and white also gives you the opportunity to choose one, bright color like crimson red or cobalt blue.

Whimsical Combinations: Rainbow, Pink & Turquoise

When your brand is fun and amusing, you need a color palette to match this energy. For some brands, it makes sense to go with a rainbow-colored theme. This allows them to bring in a bunch of fun colors like neon pink and lime green. You might also find that it’s better to limit your colors, such as by pairing together bright blue and pink or amethyst purple and lawn green. They show that your brand is playful and fun, yet professional.

Nature-Inspired Combinations: Blue, Green & Tan

A natural color palette is another option to consider, especially if your brand is eco-conscious or related to the environment in some way. The best colors for this purpose include green, blue, brown and tan. You can capture the beauty of Mother Nature while exuding feelings of peace and tranquility. We do notice that natural color palettes tend to do best with simple, down-to-earth logo designs.

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