What Do Your Website Colors Tell Your Audience?

purple squiggle

When people visit your website, they are greeted with a story about your background and purpose. The color scheme of your website also contributes to your story and tells people how friendly and professional your brand is.

A lot of the businesses we work with assume we’ll simply use their brand colors in their web design, but color selection is more involved than this. Our web design team carefully selects color schemes based on the message and image our clients want to convey.

Here are some of the things that your color scheme might say about you!


Professionalism is important for a lot of brands, but some can’t develop trust with their audience unless they convey a certain degree of professionalism. For these clients, we recommend a polished web design that makes use of formal colors like white and black. Accent colors like purple and gold can distinguish this type of website without taking away its professionalism.


If you want your website to feel friendly and familiar, we recommend shades of blue and green. These colors appear warm and comforting while also building trust. But, you can also opt for a brighter color like yellow. Yellow symbolizes happiness and friendship in almost all cultures, which is especially important if you sell your products and services internationally.


If your business sells creative products and services – photography, videography, custom art – you’ll want to portray innovation on your website. We suggest mellow oranges and browns for creative-based businesses. Orange communicates playfulness and youthfulness, while brown is earthy and professional. The combination of the two is flattering.


Some businesses operate within the lines of efficiency and speed – home roofing companies, mold remediation companies, etc. If this is what your business is about, a bold color scheme with red or orange is best. You can combine these colors with short, compelling calls to action like “Call for an estimate” or “Contact us now.” This encourages customers to get in touch with you right away.

Bring Your Website to Life with a New Color Scheme

Whether you’re designing a new website or looking to update your current site, contact Magna Technology. We have many wonderful WordPress designs we can recommend based on your goals and the image you want to convey. Our design team can then align your new color scheme with your brand logo and colors for the perfect masterpiece.