Most Popular Colors to Consider for Your Website

purple squiggle

Color is one of the most important elements in web design. The right colors will capture your audience’s attention and guide users through your site. So how do you select the right colors for your website?

Use your brand colors as a guide and also consider how you want people to feel when they visit your site. While color is prominent on all web pages, the most crucial areas to pay attention to include pop-ups, borders, headlines, backgrounds, primary web graphics and buttons.

Below are the most widely used colors in web design and the emotions they evoke.


Red is the most effective color for calls to action. It attracts users to a particular area and urges them to do something specific, such as fill out a form or start a free trial. Red is a powerful color, however, and it sometimes signals danger. This is why you should use it sparingly, otherwise users may leave your site.


Orange is filled with youthfulness and energy. It encourages users to perform a specific action, but it’s not as aggressive as red. Because it’s not as powerful, users are sometimes more open to converting when they see the warm orange hue. A lot of technology companies use orange because it’s friendly and energizing.


There are many shades of yellow, so this color can evoke a wide range of emotions. To be effective, consider your audience when using yellow. For example, bright yellow is energizing and a great choice for youth products. Medium shades of yellow instill comfort and trust, while dark shades promote timelessness and wisdom.


Green is an excellent color for marketing because it promotes harmony, happiness and stability. Like yellow, there are different shades of green that allow you to capitalize on various emotions. For instance, bright shades of green are spirited and lively, whereas dark shades are associated with nature, calmness and security.


Blue is another popular color in marketing because it signifies confidence and purpose. Online users also find blue to be calming and an indication of professionalism and authoritativeness – think PayPal, Facebook or LinkedIn. Many finance, insurance and technology companies use blue on their websites because of its ability to form an environment of security and trust.


The color purple demonstrates power, wisdom and creativity. It’s a great color to use on your site when you want to be uplifting and encourage creativity. Dark shades of purple represent richness and royalty, while lighter shades are more feminine.

Color is an important consideration when designing your website. A professional web designer will help you select the right colors so that your site is enjoyable to use and easy to understand. Contact Magna Technology today to discuss your next web development project.