How an Online Portfolio Can Benefit Your Career

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Having a portfolio to showcase your work is important for many professionals. From designers to architects to landscapers, portfolios provide a space where you can show your best work, impress potential clients and land new business. If you’re looking to add a portfolio to your website, contact Magna Technology. We can add an online portfolio to enhance your website and draw in new visitors.

Creating Your Portfolio with WordPress

WordPress easily accommodates online portfolios. There are thousands of themes to choose from that can be customized to your needs, industry and audience. When organizing your portfolio, start with your purpose. Are you creating a job-seeking portfolio? Reputation portfolio? Multi-purpose portfolio?

As you organize your portfolio, keep your target audience in mind. Create clear sections that are easy to follow so that visitors can navigate your work and see its full potential. That said, don’t include all of the work you’ve done. Pick a few of your favorite projects from various categories so that you can show a well-rounded view of your work experience.

What to Include in Your Portfolio

Here is some of the information we feel is best to include in your portfolio:


People who hire you are not just doing so for your products and services – they’re also choosing to work with YOU! So introduce yourself, tell your audience who you are and what you do. Include a personal statement, resume, certifications and background. A professional headshot will also make your portfolio look more professional.

Best work

Highlight your best work. Show others what you can do, how you perfect your craft and how you distinguish yourself from others. Now is not the time to be humble. We’re not suggesting bragging, of course, but don’t hold back on showing off your talent and expertise.

Contact page

Also be sure to include a contact page so that people know how they can reach you for work. Our web design team can use a WordPress theme with a built-in contact page or create a unique contact page using the block editor. Just let us know what you prefer! We can also include links to your social media pages, a map with clickable directions and more.

Start Your Portfolio Project Today

Once your portfolio is created, you should update it every few months with new projects. This keeps your portfolio fresh and also features your growing talent and knowledge of the recent trends. To learn more about creating a portfolio for your website, contact Magna Technology today.