Is it Time to Update the Stock Photos on Your Website?

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At Magna Technology, we have two types of customers: the first group expects to be hands on with their website and update it as much as possible while the other prefers to leave it for as long as possible. No matter what camp you’re in, the good news is that today’s websites are easier than ever to update.

So how often should you update your company website?

We recommend adding fresh content monthly and reviewing your website every six months. If you have a company blog, you should have no problem adding content on a regular basis. But what about your images? How often should you update those?

Signs it’s Time to Update the Images on Your Site

Ideally, you should refresh your web images when they look outdated, no longer fit your brand image or can be found on other websites (a common issue with stock photos). Here are some signs it’s time to take this step:

  • Your photos are too stocky looking. The images on your site should have a natural, authentic feel. If they scream ‘stock photo,’ then it’s time to give your visitors a change. Consider adding a filter or editing the pictures to make them look uniquely yours.
  • Your photos can be found on other websites. Because stock photos are available to everyone, it’s not uncommon to find them on other websites. If your photos look like everyone else’s, you’ll definitely want to replace them. Better yet, stand out with original, authentic photos.
  • Your photos no longer fit your brand. Brands change over time, as do customers, so it’s important that your website reflects this. Go through your photos and update those that look off in terms of design and style.

Tips for Selecting New Photos

Stock photos are a great option because they are cheap, accessible and can help you complete your design in a pinch. But it’s also a good idea to have some of your own photos taken, particularly of your products and work space. These original photos will be unique to your brand and reflect your work culture.

In terms of stock photos, here a few tips to follow:

  • Choose high-quality, high-resolution images
  • Pick those that fit your brand’s personality
  • Select photos that complement your content
  • Use a filter or editing tools to be unique
  • Split test your photos to see which ones your audience likes best

We recommend going through your images at least once a year to make sure they’re still the right fit for your website. If you notice that your design itself could use a refresh, contact Magna Technology. We build beautiful, responsive websites at affordable prices.