Big, Bold Typography: The Latest Design Trend

purple squiggle

Typography is one of the most important aspects in web design. It refers to how words are designed and arranged. The reason why typography matters is because it’s how designers communicate with readers. Whether it’s a billboard, a website or a piece of direct mail, the typography influences the tone and message of the content.

Big, bold typography is one of the latest design trends. These bold fonts are effective at capturing attention and sharing important messages. Below are some examples of big, bold font that you can use in your marketing materials.


Mohave is a typeface in all caps. It has a smooth appearance and three different weights – regular, semibold and bold – along with italics. This allows you to use the font in various ways, such as by sticking with one font in your designs or mixing them up with different weights. You can find it on Absolut Foundry for free .


Anson is a sans serif typeface that does an excellent job grabbing people’s attention. This is why it’s commonly used for headlines. What we love about Anson is that it offers the right amount of personality. Some of the letters have rounded edges for a delicate appearance. Download Anson by Mikko Nuuttila for free.


Known for its athletic-looking appearance, Promesh is a bold serif font. It has a ton of personality and is perfect for sports-related brands because the inside of the letters have a mesh texture. If you like the design but prefer it without the mesh, you can use the second version, free from mesh. Find it for free on Behance.


If you are looking for a strong, thin typeface, Building is a great choice. It’s a sans serif font created by Leonardo Gubbioni. The font delivers a powerful message thanks to its use of heavy metals like steel and aluminum. Readers appreciate this font because of its elegance and simplicity. You can download it on Behance for free.


Glamor is modern and chic, with 24 fonts ranging from light to bold. We recommend Glamor for businesses in the fashion or beauty industry, though it’s flexible enough to be used for other applications as well. Get it for free on Dribble.

These are just some of the big, bold fonts you can use to bring your website and marketing materials to life. These fonts do an excellent job capturing people’s attention, so we recommend them for headlines, subtitles and other areas you want to draw attention to. To discuss adding big, bold fonts to your site design, contact Magna Technology today.