Typography Tips for Beginners

purple squiggle

Typography is a crucial part of a website because it affects how people respond when reading a document. If you want people to stay on your website and have an enjoyable experience reading your content, you must follow good typography practices. Your web designer can help with this, but it’s still important to know the basics of good typography.

Below are some of our favorite typography tips that we think beginners should know.

Understand Font Families

Most fonts are not separate but rather part of a family. Font families are groups of fonts that share the same design style. The most popular font families include serif, sans-serif, monospace, cursive and fantasy. It’s recommended to use fonts from the same family for a clean and consistent look.

Limit the Number of Fonts

Less is more when working with font types. Stick within the same font family and use no more fonts than necessary. Many designers will use 2-3 fonts – one for their headings and one for the body of the content. Any more than this can make your design look cluttered.

Never Distort the Fonts

Fonts are carefully made for specific purposes and should not be distorted. If you do this, you’ll end up destroying the shape and natural dimensions of the font. Always stick to the original font.

Consider Your Audience

Always think about the people who will be reading your content. In UI/UX, each font has its own mood and personality, so consider this when choosing your website’s typography. Some fonts are funny and friendly while others are serious and professional.

Create a Logical Hierarchy

Hierarchy creates a logical order in which the content should be read. This helps readers consume the highest priority content first, taking away the main points of your site. To create a hierarchy, use larger, bolder font sizes for the headlines and smaller font for the body.

Compare and Contrast

You wouldn’t put black font on a black background, or white font on a white background, as this would wash out the text. But, it’s possible for other colors to clash as well. The color of your font impacts how easy it is to read, so place your typography over graphics, patterns, illustrations, etc. to see how pleasurable it is to read.

By learning and understanding the basics of typography, you can use it to its full strength. If you find the typography on your site difficult to read, stale or cluttered, contact Magna Technology for a site review. We’ll be happy to suggest a new, breathable font family for your website.