Building Your Own Website: Expectation vs Reality

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Are you thinking about building your own website? Website builders promise sleek, responsive designs with no coding experience needed. But is this true? Can you really build your own website and deliver a great user experience without the high price tag? It is possible. It all depends on what you want your website to do and the goals you plan to achieve.

Expectations for Building a Website

Thanks to website builders like Weebly and Wix, you can build your own website for relatively cheap. The main advantages to website builders are that they are fast, easy to export and require no coding or design skills. Most templates are drag-and-drop, meaning that you drag your content into the predetermined areas and the design is generated for you.

Small businesses are the best fit for website builders because they generally have simple sites with few pages. For example, if you run an arts and crafts business out of your home, you may not have the funds to build a professional website. A tool like Wix allows you to create a basic website that lists your products and prices.

Reality of Building a Website

Even though web builders claim that you don’t need previous programming experience, not all tools are as user friendly as they appear. You still have to choose an appropriate design for your business and load the appropriate content. To work in a web builder, you must also be comfortable modifying fields, inserting images (that you have the rights to use), adding plugins, testing page speed, optimizing content, etc.

When the design is complete, how do you plan on knowing that it’s doing its job? Is it loading on mobile devices? Is traffic coming to your site? Your website has a job to do, and most web builder tools have no additional SEO features, unless you want to pay extra for them.

Choosing the Best

In the end, there is nothing wrong with using a website builder to build a website, but it may not be quite as effortless and affordable as you think. You still need some level of understanding when it comes to choosing a design, adding content and testing the site. And, even though these tools say that they are free, you usually end up paying for a custom domain name, SEO tools, unique designs and more. Before making a decision, be sure you compare apples to apples.

Professionally built websites can be more affordable than you think – and you don’t have to worry about doing it on your own. Contact Magna Technology to learn more about our simple pricing structure for fast, optimized websites.