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Essential Design Trends for 2020

Written by The Magna Technology Team on December 12, 2019

Keeping up with the latest design trends can feel like a full time job! Plus, now that it’s the end of a decade, there are new predictions for what design trends will be most popular in 2020. To sum things up, we’ve listed the most essential graphic design trends to have on your radar. Get ready to add them to your digital marketing campaigns. Enjoy!

Abstract Illustrations

Custom illustrations and icons give your brand a distinct look because no one can copy them exactly. They also offer an incredible amount of freedom and flexibility, as you can create any design or illustration you want.

However, because more brands are using abstract drawings to represent their brand, the competition is getting tougher. In 2020, expect to see edgier and more exaggerated illustrations. Plus, you’ll hook people in because they’ll spend time trying to understand your image and its purpose.

Muted Color Palettes

Bold, neon and bright colors help brands stand out and capture attention, but now we’re going to see a shift to more muted color palettes. Already, we’re seeing these colors in the recent advertisements for Apple products. It seems that once Apple does something, everyone else tends to follow.

As you create new designs for your website, digital ads and email campaigns, we recommend experimenting with muted colors. That’s not to say that vibrant colors are out as there is a time and place for them. To find the best muted colors for your brand, take your favorite brand colors and add black, white or complementary colors to them.

Simple Landing Pages

Landing pages are becoming so simple, some of them only feature a few lines of text, a flat image and a call to action. The reason why landing pages are becoming increasingly minimal is because of Google’s algorithm.

Google rewards pages that load quickly on mobile devices, and the way to do this is by having as few elements as possible on a page. So, take some time to review your landing pages and if they’re as fast as they should be. If they’re not, you may want to trade in a video or high-quality image for a flat image.

Heavy Bold Fonts

Even though there are thousands of unique fonts, it’s recommended to stick with clean, original fonts that are easy to read. But, there is one trend that we’re expecting to see in 2020, and that’s heavy fonts.

Bold, heavy fonts are easy to read and work well for highlighting important messages. You don’t want to use these fonts in the whole body of text, so stick to short phrases and titles. Plus, this prevents the fonts from losing their effectiveness. It’s also nice to know that bold fonts seamlessly integrate into minimal designs and muted color palettes.

These are the main design trends that we think you should know heading into 2020. They’re broad enough that you can apply them to all of your marketing materials and keep consistent with the latest trends.

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