If WordPress is Free, Why Do I Have to Pay for a Website?

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The saying, “Free is never free,” rings true in many situations. When it comes to WordPress, people are often surprised to learn that building a website isn’t 100% free. While WordPress is free to download and use, there are many features within the program that cost money. And, there are other costs associated with having a website, such as web hosting and site monitoring.

Below we cover the costs that are associated with WordPress, even if you build the site on your own.

WordPress Hosting

Every website needs internet hosting. There are different plans available, so you can pick one that meets your needs and budget. Here is a quick breakdown of the most popular hosting options available.

  • Shared hosting. Shared hosting means that you share a server with other websites. The advantage is that you split the cost, which makes this type of hosting most economical. However, as your business grows, you’ll probably have to upgrade your hosting package.
  • Virtual private server (VPS). VPS has one physical server that is shared by multiple websites, but each website has its own space. This allows you to split the cost while having your own dedicated resources. VPS is a great middle-of-the-road option that works for most businesses.
  • Dedicated web server. A dedicated server means you are renting one physical server for yourself. You get all of the resources and never have to compete for them. Of course, this is the most expensive option.

Domain Name

Your website needs a domain name, which is your website’s address on the internet. This is what users will type into the browser when they want to visit your website. Having your own domain name gives your business a professional image and protects copyrights and trademarks. It’s also helpful for search engine rankings, credibility and brand awareness.


WordPress offers tons of free templates that you can download and use. Most are user-friendly and include drop-and-go content blocks. If you know of a template that you already like, this step will be easy. If you want something more advanced or unique to your brand, you’ll need to purchase a premium template or have one custom made, both of which will cost money.

Plugins and Extensions

WordPress offers over 54,000 plugins for free. Plugins are pieces of software that add functions to your website, such as contact forms, spam blockers, search engine optimization and more. While most plugins are free, there are times when you might want to go with a paid version. Premium plugins are updated more often and come with support.

WordPress sites can be built on a budget, but not everything is free. These are the costs that you must consider when creating a site. To learn more about building a WordPress site on a budget, contact Magna Technology today.