Search Engines Continue to Dominate Over Social Media

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Have you heard the rumors that search traffic – and even SEO – is a slowly dying industry? Even though Google continues to post consistent revenue growth, some people are still convinced that social media will overtake the search engines when it comes to searching for new information. However, these are just assumptions. According to recent data, the search engines still dominate over social media.

Search is the Way to Find New Information Online

Colleagues at SurveyMonkey collected responses from thousands of people to better understand how search is used when looking for new information. For example, survey takers were asked where they would look for a new dentist. Many people said they would ask a friend or family member. Thirty-six percent said they would use a search engine compared to only five percent for social media.

When looking at millennials specifically, the data turned up the same results as the general population. Millennials are just as likely to use social media as other populations and even more likely to use search.

In the end, social media is a great tool for gathering opinions and feedback from a large group, but people like having control over where the information is coming from and its reliability. This is why the search engines are still the most reliable source for gathering information.

Mobile Users Prefer to Enter Addresses into Maps

Another interesting finding is mobile maps. Participants were asked how they would travel to a new address. Twenty-two percent said they would enter the address into a search engine while 37 percent would go straight to a maps app (i.e., Google Maps) on their mobile phone. Voice search is also gaining in popularity, though many people prefer typing an address into their device for accuracy.

It’s clear that search continues to dominate over social media. What does this mean for your business, especially heading into 2019? Your website should be search engine friendly. This way, your business will come up in relevant searches.

Tips for Making Your Site Search Friendly

Here are a few tips for making your website search engine friendly.

  • Choose readable font
  • Make your navigation clear
  • Include a sitemap or index
  • Optimize images
  • Publish engaging content
  • Add the right keywords

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