Simple Steps to Selling a Domain Name

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Do you have a domain name that you want to sell? Perhaps you had the intention of starting a website but never got around to doing so. Rather than letting the domain name sit there, you can sell it for money. Not all domain names will sell for a lot, but there are steps you can take to make the most of your initial investment.

Below are a few tips for selling an existing domain name.

Determine your domain’s value.

To determine what you should sell your domain for, find out what it’s worth. Take advantage of the online estimation tools that are available. Though they aren’t always accurate, they offer some direction. However, be aware that not all domains have value.

Here are some of the features that can make your domain name more valuable.

  • Suffix. If your domain has a .com suffix, it will be worth more than a domain with a random suffix like .web or .info.
  • Length. Shorter domain names tend to sell for more than long ones because they are easier to remember.
  • Easy spelling. Domains that are easy to spell or include common words are also easier to remember, giving them a higher value.
  • No hyphens. Hyphens can be complicated to remember and type, so domains without them sell for more.

Choose how you’d like to sell your domain.

The next thing to consider is how you want to sell your domain. You can find buyers on sites like eBay, Flippa, Godaddy and Sedo.

Prepare your listing.

How you list your domain can make it more attractive. Rather than uploading your URL and waiting for a response, highlight the value of your domain. Does it have existing traffic? Is it mature? Does it have authority? All of these things matter to domain buyers.

Update your contact information.

When you own a domain name, your contact information is listed on the WHOIS directory. It’s recommended to keep your information private to protect you from hackers. But, when you’re looking to sell your domain, make your information public. This allows interested buyers to contact you directly.

Use an escrow service.

It’s recommended to use an escrow service to hold and process funds. This protects you from scammers. Some selling platforms have built-in escrow services that allow you to do everything from a single place. This convenience can be worth the small fees these platforms charge.

Transfer the domain.

Once you’ve collected payment from the seller, you can transfer the domain to them. Sometimes, you have to keep the funds in escrow for a certain amount of time. Once you meet these requirements, you will submit an authorization code to start the transfer process.

If you have a domain you’re not using, you can sell it for money. Premium domains are great for branding and still come with an expensive price tag. To ensure a smooth and successful transfer process, follow the steps above. Remember to do your homework, use a reputable platform and hold funds in escrow.