Tips for Hiring a Product Photographer

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Price is the driving factor for most online products, but product photos are a close second. After all, online shoppers aren’t in a physical store where they can touch and see your products. Therefore, they rely on your images to get them as close to your products as possible.

To give online shoppers what they want, it’s important to provide them with more product photos – at least three. You can take them on your own, but the better option may be to hire a product photographer. This ensures you get high-quality photos that do your products justice.

Below are some tips to help you hire a professional product photographer.

Discuss the vision you have

Before talking with a photographer, make sure you have a clear vision that you can present to them. This way, you can talk about the how the images will integrate into the overall design, what emotions they should evoke and how they should look – modern, vintage or functional?

Involve your web developer

It’s a good idea to involve your web developer in the process so that they can account for the technical side of things. There are certain qualities you’ll both want to keep an eye out for like file size, orientation and image quality.

Ask about equipment quality

Your hired photographer should have the right equipment to take high-quality photos. Not only should they own a superior camera but also take care of lighting, props and staging. Inquire about their equipment and its quality.

View package pricing

Product photographers range in price, but avoid looking at the total cost only. Instead, know what you’re getting for the money. For example, ask the photographer how many photos you get, how they charge for the service and what’s included in the rate like props, styling or photo editing.

Look at photographer portfolios

We highly recommend reading reviews on the photographers you’re interested in working with. But don’t underestimate their portfolio – a direct representation of their work. You can go online and view the photographer’s style, personality and tone firsthand and determine if it aligns with your brand.

If you sell your products online, product photos are one of the best selling tools you have. If you don’t have plenty of high-definition photos of your products, consider working with a professional photographer to expand your visual assets.