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Web Design Trends that Continue to Rock

Written by The Magna Technology Team on September 3, 2018

Whether you’re updating your website or building one from scratch, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the latest trends. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen incredible advancements, including mobile usage exceeding desktop usage. In the coming years, we can expect to see more attention given toward building great experiences through mobile functionality.

Web design trends continue to change, but there are some that stick around and evolve. For websites that drive leads and produce results, we recommend the following design trends.

Drop Shadows & Depth

Shadows have been a popular addition to websites for quite some time, but we’re starting to see new variations in them. For example, shadows are being used crate depth that extends beyond the screen. This makes the design more attractive while also taking UX to another level. When combined with beautiful color gradients, the visuals become even more alive.

Saturated Colors

Thanks to the progression of web browsers, users can now enjoy more saturated color schemes. And, brands aren’t being shy about it. They’re having fun dabbling in rich, vibrant colors such as regal purple, burgundy, teal and shades of electric colors. When used appropriately, saturated colors demand attention and set brands apart from others. When choosing bright backgrounds, be sure to choose a contrasting font so that the content reads easily.

Particle Animation

Particle backgrounds are great alternatives to videos playing in the background. While videos are great, they can slow down page load times and create performance issues for your site. But, if you’re dead set on having some animations, particle backgrounds are your answer. These animations consist of lightweight javascript that blends in with the natural background and loads quickly.

Custom Visuals

You can do some amazing things with stock photography, but custom visuals kick it up a notch. They’re unique to your brand and can be created with your audience in mind. If you choose to go this route, work with an experienced illustrator who understands your brand’s tone. This way, your website can be filled with custom illustrations that fit your brand’s personality.

Bold Typography

Typography has always been a main focus for websites, as it can make or break the user experience. As brands get more comfortable experimenting with different fonts, they are now going for bigger, bolder typographies that pop out on the screen. Just be sure to balance your font with its functionality. You don’t want it to be difficult read.

The above trends will not be gone tomorrow. These trends continue to find their way into websites and be expanded upon, not replaced. If you’re ready to build or update a website, contact Magna Technology for a quote. Our website solutions are both beautiful and functional.

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