Here’s Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

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It’s the 21st century and nearly half of small businesses don’t have a website. In surveys, business owners report that they lack the time, skills or money to build a functional website. This is understandable, though there are ways to work around these hurdles. However, one thing continues to surprise us: some business owners believe that they don’t need a website.

Websites are incredibly important, even to small businesses, and social media should not take the place of one. A website will help get your business noticed – doesn’t everyone need this?

Below we share a few reasons why websites are crucial for even the smallest businesses.

Meet Customer Expectations

Before buying a product or service, most people start by doing research online. If you don’t have a website, your product will be overshadowed by others. And, if it is noticed that you’re not there, it can send the message that you don’t want to be found or aren’t interested in new customers.

Websites don’t need to be complicated. A few simple pages about who you are, what sets you apart from others and where your products and services can be found is enough to establish a presence. While your website doesn’t have to complex, it should be up to date and accurate.

Find New Customers

Websites are for more than sharing information. They’re a way for potential customers to contact you, get feedback on your products and services and read testimonials. If you’re a local business, you may even get traffic from Google Maps. Imagine being able to bring in more foot traffic simply by having a website!

Create More Opportunities to Sell

Simply put, having a website gives you one more way to sell your products. If you have a professional ecommerce site built, you can list your products directly on your site and generate sales. Without this option, people may have to order by phone or stop into your store, which they may pass up. Also, your website is a great tool to have when moving customers through the funnel. Include great visuals, helpful content and live chat to nudge customers closer to a sale.

Control Information about Your Business

Without a website, you lose control over the information out there. Other people might have the final say, which you don’t want to happen. Having a website allows you to control the message you send. Even if people say things about you that aren’t true, your website will have factual information that people can trust.

Easier to Maintain and Less Expensive than Traditional Advertising

Today’s websites are much more intuitive than in the past. You can easily update your website with fresh content, updated photos and more without having to learn code. By keeping a living, breathing website, you can also enjoy advertising that’s always working for you. This costs less than traditional advertising such as direct mail, radio and TV ads and listing your business in the Yellow Pages.

Level the Playing Field

Don’t let other businesses steal your customers. A website keeps your brand front and center so that people don’t forget about you. As long as you’re offering quality products and services at reasonable prices, a website levels the playing field. Put your best foot forward by choosing a clean design with relevant content, crisp photos and compelling CTAs.

Every business needs a website – even yours! If you’re limited on time and money, or lack a background in technology, don’t let this stop you from growing your business. Call Magna Technology to learn more about our process for building affordable, functional websites.