What is the Value of Link Building

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If there were no links, the internet would be unnavigable. It’s a strange concept to think about! Thanks to links, humans are able to direct other humans to relevant pages and websites to help in their research. Because quality links signal authority and trust, the search engines view content with these links as being higher in quality. As a result, they are ranked higher in the search results.

Navigating the Web

There are three ways to navigate to a page on the internet. You can bookmark a page, type in the URL or click a link. Links are the most common way to navigate the web. Think about how many links you click when using social media, browsing a website, opening an email and more. Links are quick and easy. They save time from having to memorize URLs, and they don’t require you to create bookmarks.

Links are an integral part of your SEO strategy, but they don’t happen naturally. To get quality links, they need to be intentional and well thought out. To learn more about building a comprehensive linking strategy, I recommend this article from Yoast. It breaks down successful link building in six simple steps. 

For now, let’s discuss the value of link building and how it can improve your website.

Building Trust and Confidence

When a user sees a link on your website, you’re basically saying to them, “Here is a page that’s worth checking out.” By linking from one website to another, it means that you endorse the content you’re sharing and the other site is happy to be endorsed. People who trust a website will also trust the website they are being directed to. If that same website links back to you, users from that site will automatically trust you as well.

Increased Exposure and Traffic

Links direct users from one site to another, increasing the chances for exposure and traffic. The benefit to this type of traffic is that it’s highly qualified. Let’s say that your business sells photography software and a company that makes camera equipment links to your site. The people who follow the link have an interest in photography and can benefit from your software. From one link, you get qualified traffic with the click of the mouse.

Increased Search Visibility

Links are vital to SEO. Google uses links as a ranking factor, so your linking strategy will affect where your website ranks in the search results. If you have a strong linking strategy, you will rank higher and get more visibility and traffic. However, if you don’t have a good linking strategy, your site can bump down in the rankings and get less traffic.

Building a successful linking strategy can be confusing, but it’s one of the best ways to achieve growth on the internet. To discover more about link building and how it can improve your site’s performance, contact Magna Technology today.