What Trust Signals Should Your Ecommerce Site Have?

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Trust signals are visuals and graphics that make customers feel safe when they shop for products online. The most common trust signals include logos, premium fonts and testimonials from satisfied customers. It’s important that you include trust signals on your ecommerce site because people need to feel safe giving you their personal information.

Below are the trust signals that we suggest having on your ecommerce site.

Social proof

Social proof includes things like customer testimonials and reviews. People like to see that other customers have tried your products and liked them. In fact, people tend to trust reviews from customers rather than the words of the brand itself. To collect genuine reviews, ask customers to leave feedback on Google and your social channels.

SSL certification

A trusted ecommerce store usually has SSL certification. An SSL certificate ensures that all sensitive information on your website is encrypted. The reason why ecommerce sites should have an SSL certificate is because they collect personal information and credit card details.

Shipping and returns policy

One of the biggest concerns customers have when shopping online is losing their money to a product they don’t like. Make sure your shipping and returns policy is visibly posted for customers to see. Also, consider revising it in favor of your customers. For example, allow customers to return or exchange the product free of charge.

Professional photos

To sell more products online, make sure you have high-quality photos. Stock images may be cheap and easy to use, but they generally don’t help build trust in customers. You can take your own product photos or hire a professional photographer to do them for you. This way, you’ll have a great selection of high-end photos to help customers make informed buying decisions.

About us page

Transparency plays a huge role in building trust. Let users know the personal side of your business, such as when you were established, the names of your founders and your brand mission. Including photos of your staff is also helpful in connecting visitors to your company. When hiring a photographer to take photos of your products, also ask about professional headshots.

Social media accounts

People often look to social media to verify a brand’s reputation. They also like to know that they have an easy way to reach the brand if they have any questions or concerns. Make sure you have active social media profiles on the major social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Share updates and news about your industry, respond to comments, post behind-the-scenes photos and more.

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s easier than ever to set up an ecommerce store. But, if you want people to feel comfortable shopping with you, you’ll need to have the right trust signals. To add new trust signals to your website, contact Magna Technology today.