Why it’s Important to Monitor Your Website

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Your website is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s always working for you to draw in new prospects, support existing customers and promote your products and services. It’s also one of the first things that people see when interacting with your business, so the experience you deliver can make or break future sales. Knowing how important your website is to your business, are you monitoring it 24 hours a day?

Website monitoring is essential to having a reliable, high-performing website that leaves visitors satisfied. Additionally, web monitoring can tell you a lot about your website, such as how often its offline, how quickly the pages load and why visitors bounce off your site.

Let’s look at the reasons why your website should be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be alerted when your site is down

No matter how reliable your site is, there will be times when it goes offline. Many issues cause this to happen, such as a poor hosting service, a big spike in traffic, malware or a bad plugin. You can’t prevent this from happening all of the time, but you can control how you react. With website monitoring, you are alerted when your site is down. This allows you to solve the issue quickly so that your site doesn’t continue to lose traffic and sales.

Protect your reputation

The longer your site is down, the greater chance it has of affecting your image. Most people are understanding of a few minutes of downtime, but if they return later and you’re site still isn’t up, this doesn’t look good. Not only will you lose sales but also ding your reputation. One of the best ways to keep customers happy and deliver a positive brand image is by having a reliable, trustworthy website.

Know how quickly your pages load

Web speed is a top ranking factor because it plays a major role in user experience and user satisfaction. The best way to know how fast your pages are loading is by monitoring your site. Ideally, your pages should load in two seconds or less, so if you find that this isn’t the case, you can start working on a solution.

Get valuable feedback about your hosting provider

Many performance issues are tied to your web hosting company. Some companies have poor infrastructures that result in downtime, security issues and unreliable performance. Why pay for these services if they’re not working properly? If it turns out that your hosting service is unreliable, it’s time to switch to one that has more uptime.

Website monitoring is an essential part of having a stable website. You don’t have to do anything but address issues as they arise. Magna Technology is a full-time webmaster that provides 24-hour web monitoring. We watch for downtime and errors, backup websites every 24 hours and install software updates and patches. For a free quote on our services, contact us today.