Can My Small Business Benefit from Call Tracking

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Have you ever considered how your small business might benefit from call tracking software? As a small business, every marketing dollar counts. You can’t afford to lose money like the big businesses can, so adding a call tracking system must be worth the investment. The good news – it is. If someone calls you, it’s helpful to know who they are and where they are coming from.

As you consider adding call tracking software to the mix, here are some important benefits to consider.

Get a detailed call history

Having a detailed call history allows you to see who has called and if they have converted in the past. Are you working with people who are new to your service, or are these returning customers? If you have a new service to offer, and previously converted customers are calling you, they are more likely to convert than a cold call.

Use keywords effectively

Keyword level call tracking helps you analyze your marketing efforts. It assigns a unique phone number to each visitor, and the numbers are sent to your mobile phone or landline. By monitoring your analytics, you can determine how people are finding your site, what keywords were used in their search and competitor pages they visited before yours. Additionally, you can tell whether the keywords were organic or paid.

Understand your content’s effectiveness

Call tracking tells you what pages people visit before coming to your site. This helps you understand what content is driving conversions and what content needs work. Identify trends in your high performing content. For example, is there a strong call to action? Long form content? Use these trends to guide the rest of your content. If your efforts work, you will see an increase in calls.

Improve customer service

Not only does call tracking help you understand your customers, but also your level of customer service. Using this software, you can record and playback all of your phone calls. Do you notice any common trends in what callers are looking for? What are their pain points? Why do they want your products and services?

Also, how is your staff handling customer calls? You want to be sure that your company is providing the right level of service so that customers are more likely to convert. If you notice shortfalls in how customer issues are handled, use these examples to improve customer service.

Many small businesses use call tracking software to monitor where their phone calls are coming from, as well as how staff is managing customer inquiries. If you are thinking about adding call tracking to your marketing mix, contact Magna Technology for a referral.