Simple Steps to Developing a Buyer Persona

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Catching a buyer’s attention is difficult in today’s ad-driven society. It’s not uncommon for people to see thousands of advertisements a day, so how can you ensure that your messages are seen by the right people? To be successful, you need to understand the wants, needs, preferences and experiences of your audience. This can be done by taking advantage of buyer personas.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a detailed description of your ideal customer. It should be descriptive and include everything you know about a buyer, such as their age, gender, income, interests, hobbies, pain points, etc. It helps to think about your buyer personas as real people. This helps you create targeted messages that speak to someone directly.

How to Create Buyer Personas

Let’s look at the steps required to create effective buyer personas for your brand.

  • Perform audience research. To understand your customers, you must know who they are. Gather information about your current customers, and use analytics to gain insight on their buying habits. You should also know who your competitors are and why your audience finds them important.
  • Identify customer pain points. What problems are your customers experiencing? Why are your products working? Why are they not? Social listening can provide you with valuable insight. You can’t tap into a customer’s emotions if you’re not sure what their frustrations are.
  • Recognize customer goals. Prospects look for products and services to solve their pain points, so consider why your brand is best. What do you have that your competitors don’t? How can you help solve your customers’ challenges?
  • Organize your research. Once you do all of your research, you can look for common characteristics. Give your persona a name, job title and other defining characteristics. Some common characteristics to include are:
    • Demographics (age, gender, location)
    • Educational background
    • Career path
    • Family
    • Hobbies
    • Income level
    • Goals and challenges
    • Values and fears

When it comes to creating buyer personas, there are many templates, tools and software at your disposal. While these tools are incredibly helpful, their success lies in the research you perform. You must take the time to understand who your customers are and why your products and services make sense to them. This process should be regularly refined as well.

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