3 Essential Design Trends to Consider for Your Web Design Project

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Some of the latest design trends focus on imagery. As we’ve learned over the years, images aren’t just “nice to have,” they are an essential part of your website. Images can help drive in more traffic, promote social sharing and make it easier to reach your goals. The key is to choose relevant, high quality photos that bring your products and services to life.

To help you stay on top of the latest trends, here are three essential web design trends that will help your website outshine its competitors.

1. Tiny Images and Videos

Whether you like or dislike this trend, it is definitely growing in popularity. It consists of using tiny photos and videos everywhere so that there is plenty for users to interact with. Most of these designs feature at least four images or videos at a time.

Even though tiny images are a trend, they’re not for every website. Having this many images and videos can look cluttered, creating too much for users to digest. If you can pull this off, be sure to offer a mix of still and moving images with sliders so that users have control over what they see.

2. Human Faces

One of the reasons why websites haven’t been featuring people as much is because of the pandemic. Businesses haven’t been sure how to show faces in their designs – do they show them with masks or without? But now that we’re two years into the pandemic and slowly getting back to normal, designers are going back to the basics: big, bold faces.

Pictures of people in marketing helps prospects visualize what it would be like to use their product or service. They also serve as visual proof and help convey messages quickly and efficiently. Try using an oversized photo of a person on your screen and see what message it delivers. You’ll likely find that users will feel more connected to your brand and product.

3. Photographic Details

Another web trend is photographic details, which refers to images and elements that show every detail. To accomplish this, the images are oversized. Not only can you see texture and detail, but also the image provides an extra layer of information. At the same time, the image is subtle and helps create a desire for the product.

If you’re planning a website design project, contact Magna Technology. We keep on top of the latest trends to ensure our clients have beautiful, eye-catching websites that drive interest, sales and positive relationships.