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4 Things to Delete from Your Website for a Better User Experience

Written by The Magna Technology Team on April 22, 2019

Many blogs tell you what you should have on your website. Few tell you what you shouldn’t have. Today we are going to cover the elements that you should remove from your site to improve the user experience. With only seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, it’s important that your site is sharp and on point. You don’t want any distractions – and certainly not any hurdles.

Let’s get busy! Below are four things to delete from your website right away.

1. Unnecessary Themes and Plugins

Plugins and themes can make great additions to your website, and you’ll probably add many to your site over time. However, as these themes and plugins grow outdated or unuseful, they can put unnecessary strain on your site. This will result in slow loading pages, higher bounce rates and a poor user experience. Go through your themes and plugins and delete the ones that you no longer need.

2. Complex Animations

Animations can make your content more lively, and most devices are capable of handling them. That said, you don’t want your site to appear busy or cluttered. Animations should be used to enhance your content or inject a small dose of personality, but they don’t need to be added at every corner. Be sure to balance animations with static images.

3. Stock Images (or Low Quality Images)

Your visuals help keep people on your website, so take an objective look at them and decide if they represent your brand in the best light. As cameras and technology improve, pictures become crisper and clearer. Be sure that your images are high in quality, and use originals most of the time. Reserve stock photos only in a pinch – you want your website to be unique!

4. Broken Links

Over time, it’s common for some links to stop working because the content has been moved or deleted. These links can be frustrating for users and make your site look less trustworthy. Fortunately, you can fix these links and get your credibility back on track. You can go through your site manually, but if you have a lot of content, use a tool like Broken Link Checker instead. This tool will alert you of all broken links.

Keeping your website clean and updated is one of the best ways to ensure that it remains useful and relevant for your audience. These are four easy things to start with, so remove them from your website today to improve the user experience.

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