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4 Ways to Refresh Your Brand and Maintain an Identity

Written by The Magna Technology Team on December 4, 2021

One of the ways that companies create more competition is by refreshing their brand. Perhaps this is something that your own business can benefit from! Making changes to your brand may seem risky, but it can be the ideal solution for staying relevant and competitive.

Let’s look at four ways that you can refresh your brand while maintaining your identity. When done correctly, you can increase traffic, sales and positive PR for your business.

1. Make a Logo Change

Modern logos are simple and generally have few colors and visual effects. If your logo is still complex with shadows, filters and other effects, it’s probably time for a change. A great example of a logo change is the social media app, Instagram. Instagram had gone from a detailed camera with their company name, to a white outlined camera with a gradient background.

2. Update Your Font

Just like logos, styles and arrangements of fonts continue to change. Cursive fonts and handwritten fonts were a popular trend, but they are now out of date. These fonts may look pretty, but they are too difficult to read, especially on smaller devices. Improve the user experience by choosing a clean, simple font that is easy to read.

3. Expand Your Color Palette

Many brands use bright colors to advertise, sell and market their products. For example, the soda company, Mountain Dew, used different variants of lime green and hot pink to market their new flavor – Major Melon. Could this be the reason why the watermelon flavor became a quick fan favorite? It definitely didn’t hurt! Using unique colors is something that can add a visual punch to your brand.

4. Invest in New Video or Photography

Small details in your photos and videos can make your brand look dated even if it’s not. Therefore, new imagery is a great way to make your brand feel new again. You can also use this opportunity to connect with a new audience, such as the younger Gen Zs. Also be sure to follow the latest photo and video competition styles. For example, most photos today are natural and include people in action.

You don’t have to completely rebrand your business to make a first impression on customers. By making small changes and updates, you can continue connecting with customers while maintaining your same identity.

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