5 Things Users Expect to See on Your Website

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As technology advances, users have higher expectations than ever. Billions of websites are opened each day on the internet, yet only a portion of them meet user expectations. Rather than skating by, why not make your website the best it can be? Not only will a great website keep people interested, but also it can increase leads, sales and brand exposure.

Here are five things that users expect to see on your website.

1. High Quality Images

Have you ever visited a website with low-quality, pixelated images? Did you feel that the business was too cheap or lazy to make a positive impression?

Photos help users better understand your content, and they can help create an emotional connection to your brand. Be sure to choose high-quality images that relate to your content and target audience. Stock photos are okay for some places on your website, but ideally, you should have your own professional photographs.

2. Legible Fonts

Fancy fonts may look pretty, but they can hurt the user experience because they’re more difficult to read. When delivering information to your audience, make sure to choose legible fonts that are easy on the reader’s eyes.

Open Sans, for example, is neutral, minimal and highly readable. Also choose a 14 to 16 point font and pay attention to information hierarchy. Larger font (H1 heading) should be at the top, followed by H2, H3, H4, etc. headings.

3. Noticeable buttons

Buttons serve many different purposes on your website. They are an important part of navigation, and they help convert leads into customers. Pick bright colors for your buttons and place them in accessible areas on your website. Users can then click on the buttons to purchase products, contact your business, follow you on social media and more.

4. Clear Navigation

Navigation is a key part of a successful website. If users can’t find it, they can’t buy it. Work with your web designer to create an organized menu that makes your products and services easy to find. Breadcrumb navigation can also be useful, as it helps users understand the relation between their location on a page and higher level pages.

5. Personal Content

Content gives your site a personality and keeps it alive. Do your best to make the user feel as if they are having a conversation with you in person. Instead of having a page full of intense keywords, write for the reader. When your content is relatable, it builds a deeper connection with the user and holds their interest.

Expectations are on the rise each day, meaning creators have to meet those expectations to satisfy their users. If your website could benefit from a makeover, contact Magna Technology today. We can get your site up to speed in 2022 by including these five elements and more!