5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

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At first glance, it might seem reasonable to build your own website. With so many web builders available, building a site probably seems like no big deal. But we can assure you that a quality website requires more than a drag-and-drop template. Whether you want a website to showcase your work, start your own business or connect with others, you’ll find it worth your time and money to hire a professional.

Here are five great reasons why you should reconsider building your own site.

1. You might waste your money (and have to hire someone anyway).

Usually, the main reason why people build their own website is to save money. Websites are an investment, so it makes sense for startups to create their own sites. Unfortunately, this can backfire.

Sure, there are plenty of sites that allow you to build a website for free, but what they offer is limited. For example, you may only have a few templates to choose from or the templates may look boring and outdated. Or you may have cheap ads placed on the footer of your site.

Bottom line: If you want a nice, responsive template, a custom domain name and an SEO-friendly design, you’ll have to pay anyway. Might as well do it right.

2. Your SEO requirements may not be met.

SEO is crucial for your website. Obviously, you want your website to be on the front page, so you’ll need to invest some money into SEO.

The issue with most free website builders is that they only support basic and minimal SEO requirements. If your competitors have custom WordPress sites and you have a free site, they’ll probably always rank higher than you. To be competitive, you’ll have to invest that much more into SEO. Why not just start with a searchable website to begin with?

3. Your creativity will likely be limited.

When starting your web design, you might have a good intention of what you want things to look like. However, when using free programs like Wix or Weebly, your creativity is limited. Not to knock these sites (they do have their benefits), but they do limit you on templates, graphics, font types and more. A custom designed website will have everything you want – and more.

4. Your time and effort may not pay off.

Attempting to build your own website can easily waste valuable time. You could sit on your computer for countless hours trying to teach yourself the basics of coding and web design. But we can probably agree that this time could be better spent on gathering leads, nurturing customers and increasing sales.

When you hire a professional, you’re the boss. You tell your web developer what you want and they do it for you, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.

5. You’re responsible for the technical aspects of your website. Are you prepared for this?

Like anything technical, there are lots of things that can go wrong with your website. Any time there’s an issue, will you have the time and know-how to fix it? Without a quick fix, your website could end up damaging your brand image and driving people away. When you hire a web builder, they’ll take care of this for you.

Many factors contribute to why you shouldn’t build your own website. If cost is holding you back, give Magna Technology a call and see how affordable it can be to have a custom site built for you.